May 11th, 2008

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I come in newness to you!

Backstory tiem, yesm? I am Jesserr; 17; a girlie last time I checked. I am primarily a DC fan, but thats because Superman was my imaginary friend when I was 7. But I've also got a gigantic crush on the Fantastic Four and X-men. So I know my bits and pieces. My Comic-Psycho boyfriend has a thing for Marvel something fierce and takes every opportunity to rip DC to the ground. 'cause he's a jerkface.

So all this past week I kept bugging my boyfriend to go to Iron Man with me. He wouldnt 'cause he was sick. Suckage! But finally, Friday night, with promises of hours of play of Vampire, I convinced him and my other friend to go with me.

Front row, center stage, and oh my goddess, was it ever Beautiful. Both myself, who is partial to women all boyfriends nonwithstanding (he's kinda a girl =3) and my friend, who also likes girls, sprung spontanious boners for Iron Man. x3 Now I'm waiting for The Boy to wake-up to play Marvel Ultimate Alliance with him and totally claim Iron Man. Fweee!


April 30 2010, Release date of the next Iron Man. GOGOGO! =3



hubba hubba

This might be a silly and/or redundant request, but...

you know the awards ceremony at cesar's palace in the movie and they played that litle "tony stark is awesome" movie thing before they gave him the award? well, the final picture they showed of him in it was him with all these airplanes and crap in the background looking all uber-mega-regal and important (and super photoshopped!)...

does anyone have that?

Happy Delirium's a new fangirl!

Hello. Never read the comics, but boy oh boy have I been swept up in the hype of this film.

So I saw it today. And I liked it a lot (except for the ending, which I shall be quiet about), and I thought, hmmm...should join equally fangeeky community.

I found this. And now I'm uber-happy.

Hey there. Name's Megan. You might be seeing more of me here in the future.

Nice to join. :)
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Title: Four days (movieverse)
Pairing: Tony/Pepper
Rating: Very light PG-13, if only for one or two minimally naughty words.
Author's note: Some slight squee-worthy dialogue, 'cause Tony/Robert is just so squee-worthy.
Disclaimer: I totally don't own Pepper, Iron Man, or Tony. And if I did own Tony, I wouldn't share ;)

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Buddy Christ


Title: The Brief History of a Man Named Yinsen
Characters: Yinsen
Rating:  PG-13, violent imagery.
Summary: Did he ever detail to Stark more details of before imprisonment? No. Because something like that, something so deep, so soon and so bloody, was far too personal.
A/N: Heck yes I will soon be writing for Pepper/Stark, but for now I wish to reflect on the doctor/scientist dude towards the beginning of Iron Man. There was something about his character I wanted to know more about, so voila, this came. But since my knowledge of Afghan/Indian history is painfully scant  and hinges largely on Wikipedia, BBC and some Afghani site I found, I beg that you don't take this too seriously. But of course critique it.

Thank you.

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